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Decentralized Applications

Example decentralized applications

  • Decentralized exchange with automated market making via smart contracts. Ex: UniSwap, Pancakeswap, SushiSwap.
  • Yield generating applications such as Yearn Finance.
  • Swap router aggregators from multiple liquidity sources on different decentralized exchanges such as 1inch or 0x.
  • Lending and borrowing via smart contracts such as AAVE.
  • Liquidity farms.
  • Governance voting applications using smart contracts.

Build a marketplace for digital collectibles that customers can buy, trade, and share on a carbon-neutral blockchain with 0 gas fees

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have captured the imagination of the Web3 community. While the most powerful NFT use cases might still be to come, this technology is already transforming digital ownership, identity, creative expression, and community membership. Because NFTs are digital assets that can be bought, sold, or traded, NFT marketplaces play an important role in holding inventory and connecting buyers and sellers. In this blog, we are going to build the “backend” of an NFT marketplace using Solidity. We’ll go through the process for building the smart contracts that hold the business logic for our NFT marketplace step-by-step. In practice, this means creating a single NftMarketplace.sol smart contract and a sample ERC721-compliant token (NFT) contract which we can use to list on our marketplace.

Key examples of how Nexis Network can be implemented into decentralized finance.

Use cases within decentralized finance

Removing Inefficient Processes

The trust, security, and automation that blockchain offers can transform paper-based finance systems into fully digital processes that reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Processing Payments and Transfers

The security and efficiency of smart contracts make blockchain uniquely suited for building payment processing systems that can transfer money instantly, while maintaining control and auditability.

Automating Loan Processing and Lending

You can utilize Nexis Networks blockchain to simplify and accelerate the process of completing loans by automating syndicate formation, handling underwriting, processing fund distribution, and more.

Enabling Cross-Border and Unbanked Services

Nexis Network offers enormous advantages for cross-border payment solutions and serving the unbanked, such as eliminating intermediaries, reducing settlement times, increasing trust, and reducing costs.

Modernizing Trade Finance

Trade finance requires the exchange of large amounts of secure data between multiple parties. Nexis Networks blockchain inherent transparency and security makes it possible to digitize these processes, creating enormous efficiencies.

Managing Digital Assets

Nexis Network makes it possible to create digital representations of real world assets, bringing the processes used to transfer, trade, and manage them into the modern age.