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Nexis Network Validator Initiatives

There are a number of initiatives that may help operators get started or grow their delegation. All of these initiatives are completely optional. All Nexis Network clusters are permissionless and an operator can join at any time.

Nexis Network Foundation Delegation Program

The Nexis Network Foundation helps facilitate the growth of the consensus validator network by running a NZT delegation program. The program is open to new applicants. You can find out more information here

Tour De Sun 22

Delegation program participants who operate a performant testnet node, may also join Tour De Sun 22 (TdS22). The program gives locked NZT incentive payments to operators for running approved hardware on Testnet. For more information, see TdS22.

Nexis Network Foundation Server Program

Separately from the delegation program, The Nexis Network Foundation offers a server program that provides servers in various data-centers all over the world. If you would like to run a consensus validator or RPC node, you may use this program to rent bare metal servers in various data-centers. The servers meet or exceed the Nexis Network validator hardware specs. No long-term lease commitments are required. To find out more, visit the Nexis Network server program page.

Stake Pools

The Nexis Network ecosystem operates various stake pools. These stake pools delegate stake to validators using various delegation strategies. To learn more about stake pools and their delegation strategies, visit the Nexis Network Foundation stake pools page.