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Set up MetaMask

This tutorial will help you setup MetaMask and add Nexis Network Mainnet or Testnet via a custom RPC endpoint. You may pick one in this list of public endpoints here, and follow the following steps.

Install MetaMask

  1. Open website or search for “Metamask extension” in your favorite browser. You can install Metamask for:
  1. Click Add to Chrome to install MetaMask as Google Chrome extension (same as for other browsers).

  2. Click Add Extension.

Create/Import MetaMask Wallet

In order to import an existing wallet to a MetaMask account, follow these simple step-by-step instructions. You will need to install the MetaMask extension for your favorite browser, import a wallet using private key or JSON file and add PBL tokens to the list.

Option 1 - Create Wallet

  1. When the extension is installed, click on the icon in the upper right corner to open the MetaMask, read the introductions and click Continue.
  2. Create a strong password and click Create.
  3. Read the introduction text, then accept terms of use and privacy note. Click Accept.
  4. Reveal secret words by clicking on the image. You will see a 12 words seed phrase. Copy your secret phrase and store it n a safe place. When ready click Next.
  5. Confirm your Secret phrase by selecting words in the same order as in your secret phrase. Then click Confirm.
  6. That’s it! You have successfully created an account in MetaMask with a wallet address!

Now you can view your address on Etherscan (Ethereum blockchain explorer), check the QR code, copy your wallet’s address to clipboard or export your wallet’s private key:

Option 2 - Import Existing Wallet

Via Mnemonic Phase

There are two ways how to export an existing account. If you have a seed words (mnemonic phrase) you can export your wallet straight away:

  1. Click on the icon in the upper right corner to open MetaMask extension, read and accept the terms. Click Continue.
  2. Click Import With Seed Phrase.
  3. Enter your wallets seed phrase (mnemonic phrase).
  4. Enter a strong password.
  5. Click Import.

You have successfully imported your wallet to MetaMask.

Via Private Key

If you have an existing wallet address but you don’t have a mnemonic phrase, you can import your wallet address to MetaMask using a private key or JSON file.

  1. After creating an account, click on the “Account” button in the upper right corner (see screenshots below).
  2. Click Import account.
  3. Select preferred entry type. If you want to import an account using your wallet’s private key, simply paste your private key string and click Import.

That’s it! You have successfully imported your cryptocurrency wallet to your MetaMask account.


Once you have setup your wallet, you can add Nexis Network to it.


  1. Network Name: Nexis Network
  2. RPC Url:​
  3. ChainID: 1229
  4. Symbol: NZT
  5. Block Explorer URL:​


  1. Network Name: Nexis Network Testnet
  2. New RPC Url:
  3. ChainID: 2370
  4. Symbol: NZT
  5. Block Explorer:

NOTE: Make sure you are visiting in the URL address and only add these parameters above as malicious individuals can put out false information to hack your wallet or access your funds.